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I am not afraid of new restrictions. However, I am more concerned with the potential abuses people may use when the Internet is not free.


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If I have something to say about each and every team of the Big Ten:

Ohio State: They have a President who says the darnest thing, “I’m hopeful the coach doesn’t dismiss me.”

Michigan: They never ever got past their shock loss to Appalachian State.

Penn State: They’re now known as Pedo State, and they may never win for the longest time

Michigan State:  So they never won a Conference home game. I wonder whether their city falls from within.

Rutgers: ‘The birthplace of college football’ is the place it rots the most: they can’t do proper hires.

Maryland: Rich super donor dons his team in over-designed, over-the-top uniforms.

Indiana: Why field a football team when you can’t get to play in bowl games?

Purdue: Knocked off 7 Number One teams, should they be kicked out of the Conference for ruining title chances?

Illinois: Clout is more important than grades for entry to this college.

Iowa: Worst team all-round in Big Ten, surely the Writers’ Workshop has lots of sad stories to pick and choose from.

Minnesota: Will Kill ever coach a bowl game in a place where we remember the mascot more than the play on the field?

Nebraska: The University was voted out of the AAU. Should it be out of the Big Ten as well, since all members are in the AAU except Nebraska?

Northwestern: A copycat team of the Kansas State Wildcats in almost everything, maybe except AAU membership.

Wisconsin: The coach considered it too small, even with Rose Bowl appearances.

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If you can’t feed me, I can’t feed you now, either.   Leave a comment

You want me to help you find a job that is worth more than $2000 for you to get your S Pass? Try giving me a job that supports my own family first.

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Time Wasting   Leave a comment

If you spent three years on something that doesn’t work, haven’t you just wasted three years of the time you could have spent on a degree, or attaining a level of achievement in something you really care about?

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